Eye Care in Chelmsford, Tewksbury, and Lowell

As the leading eye care provider for the residents of Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire, our team of doctors, technicians and opticians is committed to ensuring that each patient is able to maximize their daily life experience and lifestyle with the best vision possible.

Whether you need a routine vision check for glasses or contact lenses, a comprehensive eye exam to assess the health of your vision, an examination for a vision related problem, or a surgical procedure, you’ll find that our staff is committed to assisting you in a professional and welcoming manner.

Clear Vision for Life

It’s more than just a slogan for us! We want every person to be able to maximize their daily life experiences and lifestyle with the best possible vision. We form long-lasting relationships with families who keep returning to us because they value the quality of service we provide. You’ll discover the difference from the moment you step inside our facilities.


8 Tips for Better Lighting and Less Eye Strain

Light is imperative in order for our eyes to process what we see clearly. Too little light can cause eye strain, just as much as too much light can. Whether you’re at home or in the office, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make sure your vision stays healthy.

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

As the cold weather sets in, the warm clothes come out and we start to layer up. While it’s important to keep warm, it’s just as important to consider your eyes. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep your eyes protected and healthy this winter.

5 Ways to Prevent Makeup from Damaging Your Eyes

Applying eye makeup can affect more than just your eyelashes and eyelids. Frequent use can cause issues with the tear film and the eye itself. In order to keep your eyes healthy while still using eye makeup, follow these tips.