Cataract Surgery


The clouding of the natural lens of the eye that often occurs with age can reduce vision and limit the quality of life.  Fortunately, this condition can be substantially improved by removing the clouded lens and implanting an intraocular lens using minimally invasive, non-stitch surgery.  Cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure among adults in the United States.

Recent advances in intraocular lens technology have created the opportunity for patients to choose the vision they would like to have following cataract surgery. At Massachusetts Eye Associates, we offer the latest lens choices to help you achieve your vision goals. The determination of whether you can benefit from these new advances in lens technologies will be a conversation you will have with your doctor. You can read more about your options here.

We offer financing through Wells Fargo Health Advantage so that you have the option to select a lens that may not be covered by your insurance, but which will provide you with the benefits you are seeking for your lifestyle.

For more information on cataracts and surgery in general, please click here.