Our Services

168718504We offer a broad range of primary, medical and surgical eye care to help you achieve your best possible vision.  Our offices also provide convenient optical services with a full selection of lenses and frames to address any need or purpose.  Whether you are experiencing a vision problem, such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration or you need an eye examination because of a change in your vision;  our doctors will provide you with outstanding care. 


Our team of ophthalmologists are both diagnostic and surgical specialists, allowing them to diagnosis your problem and provide treatment using comprehensive care methods. From professional eye exams to treatment of glaucoma and other diseases, our doctors provide all of the necessary services to ensure the best. We also help correct young people’s eyesight by treating strabismus.

Recent years have seen dramatic advances in ophthalmology thanks to technology, but it’s the training and our doctors’ commitment to providing comprehensive care to each patient that really sets them apart. By continuing their medical education and discovering new methods of treatment, they provide the highest standards of care to our patients.


Our optometrists (ODs) are eye doctors who treat and manage eye-related disease, injuries and disorders of the visual system and refer to our ophthalmologists and sub-specialists for treatment when appropriate. Our optometrist will examine the health of your eyes and if needed prescribe glasses or contact lenses to provide you with the best vision possible. If you are experiencing a change in your vision, a good first step is an examination with one of our outstanding optometrists.

Eye Surgery

If you are having difficulty seeing at night because of glare, you may be developing cataracts. Our ophthalmologists are outstanding surgeons who can help you with your condition. While surgery is not always necessary, our doctors will guide you with the appropriate steps for healing. Information on cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) can be found here. For other details on cataracts and what you can expect, please click here. In addition to cataract surgery, our surgeons perform a broad range of surgical interventions including:

For details a full list of surgeries we offer, please click here.